Maya Christobel



  • Maya is a Harvard Psychotherapist having done her Masters and Doctoral work at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her career has always focused on helping people “unpack and transform their story.” She has been writing screenplays, ghostwriting novels and coaching writers for the past 30 years. From medical books to true crime or self-help articles, Maya has contributed to countless books, novels and scripts.
  • Winning screenplay awards including the prestigious Austin Film Festival, The Writer’s Workshop, and Women in Film New York and Las Vegas, Maya studied with the iconic Stewart Stern, screenwriter of the Oscar winning films, Rebel Without a Cause and Sybil and having worked closely with actor Tom Skerritt at The Film School in Seattle, Washington. As a Filmmaker she is currently working with Filmblanc in Toronto, Canada on a film by Noemi Weis on the epidemic of teen depression and suicide around the world. 
  • She has authored Freeing Godiva, on women’s empowerment, with international best selling author Lauren Mackler, and written Roadmap to Success, which was co-authored with Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard. Maya has appeared on the NPR Radio Show, This I Believe series.
  • Story is at the heart of Maya’s work. As a Harvard Marriage and Family Therapist for nearly three decades she has listened to stories every day, recognizing that “our stories define us, steer our lives, are inherited from family and society and need to be told”. As a consummate writer she has created a groundbreaking model for merging both writing and psychotherapy, called Mythotherapy which she merged with biotechnology, EVOX, targeting how we hold pain and trauma in our neurology.
  • Currently, Maya works with international novelists, reality TV, those who are writing autobiographies and memoir as well as screenwriters as a coach and ghostwriter. 



  • 2018-2000
    Writer, Ghostwriter, International
    Research and Consulting, Filmblanc, Canada
    Executive Writing Coach, International
    Corporate Consultant, Organizational Development
    Executive Producer, Arcturian Gate, Documentaries
    Co-Producer, ”To Die For Productions”, Reality Show 
  • Executive Producer, AOMusic
    Winner, Women in Film Las Vegas, “A Necessary Betrayal”
  •  Screenwriter, Vermeer Pictures, NYC, NY 
  • Screenwriter, More Than Mountains, In Production
    Winner, The Writer’s Workshop, “A Necessary Betrayal
    Winner, Austin Film Festival, Screenplay, “The Temporal Door”
    Student, The Film School, Seattle, Washington, Mentor, Tom Skerritt and Stewart Stern
  • Author, Roadmap to Success, with Deepak Chopra
    Author, Freeing Godiva
    Writer, Denver Post, Denver, Co.
    Founder, Cinema Americana, Colorado
    Psychologist, Washington, Colorado, Maine, NYC, North Carolina, Costa Rica
    Energetic Medicine, Washington, Colorado, Asheville, NYC and Maine.
    Gallery Owner, Scala’s Art Gallery and Studio, Colorado
    National Workshop Leader on Women and Empowerment
    Gallery Director, North Carolina
    Gallery Director, Colorado
    Resident Screenwriter, Maine Film and Television Workshops, New York Screenwriters. 
  • Freelance Writer and Coach, International
    Gallery Director, Denver Colorado
    Psychologist, Marriage and Family Practice 


    Post Doctorate work at Kantor Family Institute, Cambridge, Mass. 
  • Teacher, Harvard University, Developmental Psychology.
    Doctorate of Education, Harvard University, Developmental Psychology
    Masters, Harvard University, Organizational Development, Community development 
  • Bachelors, Boston University, Clinical Psychology, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa 
  • Creative Writing, University of Mass. Boston